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Master of Puppies is one of the leading dog training organisations in the SE Queensland/Northern New South Wales region. 

We provide training for dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes, no matter what behavioral problems.


“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

Master of Puppies helps dogs rise through the ranks of obedience training, doggy manners and behavioural modification/rehabilitation.  

We are Veteran owned and operated, by ex-Special Forces Military Working Dog Handlers. Our trainers follow the most effective and proven techniques to help teach the fundamentals of reliable and effective obedience whilst taught under distractions. 

Master Of Puppies can assist you in achieving an obedient and well-mannered canine, as well as teaching you to become a more confident and competent handler in everyday ‘real-life’ situations. 

This positive result form of dog training will teach lifetime and practical skills to you and your canine.

Based in the SE Queensland/Northern NSW region, we offer regular one-on-one private training and boot camp style training sessions for you and your dog.

Get in touch with us now to find out more.

6 Reasons To Choose
Master of Puppies

Learn from leading dog trainers

Highly Skilled Trainers

Our dog trainers have the elite-level experience, working under or working within the Australian Army as Military Working Dog handlers.

No Dog is too Challenging

Have other trainers given up on you and your dog?
Are you lost with what you have to do next? Contact Master of Puppies, and we will help transform your dog’s behavior.

Results That Speak for Themselves

You will notice an incredible difference after training your dog with Master of Puppies.
Our results speak for themselves and we have proven this many times over.

Highly Recommended

The majority of our clients leave us five-star reviews and come to us from word-of-mouth referrals because of our high quality training.

Training Dogs for Real Life

Our dogs are our pets, our family, our best friends, our emotional support animal, but we still need to teach them how to behave in our human world.

We absolutely Love Dogs!

Our trainers always bring along their pet dogs to showcase the training methods they have applied at home to the newest recruits.


Our mission is providing professional, practical and positive results training that strengthens the dog and owner relationship whilst enhancing their quality of life.

Dog Trainers Gold Coast

Our Team


Introducing Will, the mastermind behind Master Of Puppies – your go-to for all things dog training. With an impressive background in the Australian Defence Force, where he served as an elite Navy Clearance Diver and later as an Australian Army Special Forces Commando, specializing in handling military working attack dogs, Will has now transitioned his expertise to the world of pet dog training.

No longer focused on teaching dogs to bite the enemy, Will has transformed his skills into helping pet owners achieve effective dog obedience, shape good behaviour, and rehabilitate problematic behaviours. From preventing biting incidents to teaching essential obedience commands, Will has the knowledge and experience to guide you every step of the way.

But that’s not all – Will is also passionate about passing on his wisdom to aspiring dog trainers. He mentors and trains the next generation of Master Of Puppies trainers, ensuring they reach the pinnacle of professionalism and skill in their craft.


After working closely under Master Of Puppies Head Trainer Will and successfully completing ‘The Alpha Canine Groups’ dog trainer course, Bree is now a proud trainer for MOPs in the Western Brisbane region.

Bree has a long-lasting love, natural understanding and a close affinity for dogs.

This exceptional trainer’s passion is now helping owners and dogs connect and understand each other by teaching simplistic and effective training systems.
Bree’s teachings will provide positive results training based on the functional language of reinforcements and rewards gaining leadership, respect and trust between dog and owner.


Dylan, along with his seasoned demo dog Ace, is an esteemed Master Of Puppies team member. With an unwavering passion and deep affection for animals, particularly in the realm of dog training, Dylan brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Having spent four years in the pet dog industry and honing his skills in Doggy Daycare, Dylan’s journey led him to work closely under the guidance of the Head Trainer, Will, at Master Of Puppies for an intensive year. Now positioned as a proud trainer in the illustrious Gold Coast region, Dylan is poised to make a profound impact through his professional and brilliant training techniques.


Cierra embarked on her journey into the world of dog training, gaining valuable experience as a dog walker and pet sitter for two enriching years. During this time, she dedicated herself to honing her skills in working with rescue dogs, going above and beyond to guide and rehabilitate them, eventually helping them find their forever homes.

With the completion of the intensive dog trainer course at ‘Alpha Canine Group’ and under the mentorship of Master Of Puppies’ head trainer, Will, Cierra proudly assumes the role of a dedicated dog trainer serving the MOPs Gold Coast region.

Her expertise truly shines in working with reactive and aggressive dogs, where her patient and knowledgeable approach has resulted in remarkable transformations. As a professional trainer, Cierra continues to positively impact the lives of dogs and their human companions, fostering harmonious and fulfilling relationships within the Gold Coast community.


Emma is an integral Master Of Puppies team member who brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and deep affection for dogs.
Alongside her demo dogs Frank and Quinn, Emma has spent three years in the pet dog industry, honing her skills in Doggy Daycare.
Her journey led her to work closely under the guidance of  Head Trainer, Will, at Master Of Puppies for a transformative year. With an unwavering passion, Emma found her calling to teach pet dog owners and their dogs simple and effective training methods and strives to strengthen their bonds whilst improving the overall quality of their lives.
Emma, a professional trainer, continues to positively impact the lives of dogs and their human companions in the South East Queensland community.


Introducing Ella, a remarkable addition to the Master Of Puppies family! With her beloved demo dogs Stryda and Lyla by her side, Ella brings a profound wealth of experience, expertise, and a deep affection for our four-legged friends.

What sets Ella apart is her unique journey. Starting out as a client, she discovered her true passion for dog training under the guidance of our incredible Head Trainer, Will. Through her dedication and hard work, Ella transformed into the exceptional trainer she is today.

Driven by an unwavering love for dogs, Ella has found her true calling in teaching pet owners how to transform their furry companions into obedient and well-mannered creatures. Her impact on the lives of dogs and their human companions in the South East Queensland community is truly remarkable.

Get ready to witness the magic that Ella brings to the table as she continues to spread her knowledge and positively influence the lives of dogs everywhere.


Introducing Jaimee-lee, the animal industry expert with over 15 years of experience. Jaimee’s passion for dogs started at a young age, working as a vet nurse, and she has since developed a deep understanding of various areas in the field, including kennel work, shelters, animal management, and doggy daycares.

What sets Jaimee apart is her intense year of mentorship with head trainer Will, where she honed her skills in dog training. She specializes in effective obedience training, shaping good behavior, and rehabilitating dogs using reinforcement and rewards.

But Jaimee’s true mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of rescue dogs and all dogs, along with their owners.