Introducing Will, the mastermind behind Master Of Puppies – your go-to for all things dog training. With an impressive background in the Australian Defence Force, where he served as an elite Navy Clearance Diver and later as an Australian Army Special Forces Commando, specializing in handling military working attack dogs, Will has now transitioned his expertise to the world of pet dog training.

No longer focused on teaching dogs to bite the enemy, Will has transformed his skills into helping pet owners achieve effective dog obedience, shape good behaviour, and rehabilitate problematic behaviours. From preventing biting incidents to teaching essential obedience commands, Will has the knowledge and experience to guide you every step of the way.

But that’s not all – Will is also passionate about passing on his wisdom to aspiring dog trainers. He mentors and trains the next generation of Master Of Puppies trainers, ensuring they reach the pinnacle of professionalism and skill in their craft.