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Our Training Method

Master Of Puppies training method teaches you the fundamentals of reliable and effect obedience training in any situation.

Our positive results form of training consist of the following:

– Leadership obedience training

– Canine good behaviour shaping

– Canine tonal conditioning

– Reinforcement contrast effect

– Boundary training

– Doggy manners and so much more.

Book in your fury recruit and become a member of Master Of Puppies today.

6 Reasons To Choose
Master of Puppies

Learn from leading dog trainers

Highly Skilled Trainers

Our dog trainers have the elite-level experience, working under or working within the Australian Army as Military Working Dog handlers.

No Dog is too Challenging

Have other trainers given up on you and your dog?
Are you lost with what you have to do next? Contact Master of Puppies, and we will help transform your dog’s behavior.

Results That Speak for Themselves

You will notice an incredible difference after training your dog with Master of Puppies.
Our results speak for themselves and we have proven this many times over.

Highly Recommended

The majority of our clients leave us five-star reviews and come to us from word-of-mouth referrals because of our high quality training.

Training Dogs for Real Life

Our dogs are our pets, our family, our best friends, our emotional support animal, but we still need to teach them how to behave in our human world.

We absolutely Love Dogs!

Our trainers always bring along their pet dogs to showcase the training methods they have applied at home to the newest recruits.

Dog Training Success Stories