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This is the start of an amazing  journey with one of the best friendships of your life.
To make sure you and your dog become best mates forever, training your dog is essential. Without training, your dog can quickly fall into bad habits that lead to destruction, stress, frustration and accidents.

Join our doggy boot camp training sessions at Master Of Puppies HQ, so you and your pup can put your best paws forward together.

Group Obedience Training, Master Of Puppies HQ

Master Of Puppies’ trainers are all taught by ex-military, elite dog handlers.

We apply the exceptional skills learned training dogs in the military to show you and your dog all the steps needed to have an obedient, well behaved companion.

Our approach follows proven training principles that lead to well-mannered (and happy) dogs, all whilst taught under distractions.

Doggy Boot Camp Training: What to Expect

Master of Puppies Doggy Boot Camps assists you with eliminating unwanted behavioural issues such as aggression, separation anxiety, unwanted barking, nipping, destructive behaviour and much more all whilst in a group setting.

Our trainers will educate you in basic leadership obedience, canine good behaviour shaping, household manners, setting boundaries, pulling on the lead and much more.

Our training method helps build trust between you and your pet. This method has eliminated the traditional food reward-based training and replaced it with a modern, unique and effective concept.

Our doggy boot camp package runs over 4 sessions, over 4 consecutive weeks. However, you can book additional advanced training if you wish to continue with advanced sessions.


Loose Lead Walking

Stepping Up


Sit Step – Away

Canine Good Behaviour Shaping


Revision Of Previous Session

Recall To Name

Boundary Training – Gates/ Doors/ Bedrooms/ Furniture/ Car

Canine Good Behavior Shaping


Revision Of Previous Session

Backwards Drop

Drop Step – Away

Drop To Check

Canine Good Behavior Shaping


Revision Of Previous Session

Heeling And Auto Halt

Backwards And Forward Stand

Stand Step – Away

Canine Good Behaviour Shaping


We love dogs! We are all dog owners and have trained with some of the leading dog experts in the world, so we can share the most effective dog training techniques with you.

For the best dog obedience training, book your first training session with Master of Puppies. Contact us to book your doggy boot camps sessions. You can join straight from puppy school or at any other stage in your dog’s life.