master of puppies' TestimonialS


Melissa Miles

I have two German Shepherds who I thought were well trained. However, after taking them to Master Of Puppies they are far more responsive and well behaved in all settings. I can put them in a drop step-away position and leave them there for over 1 hour. This is perfect when my nieces and nephews visit.

rowan king

My dog went from ZERO to HERO in only 4 weeks. Thanks Master Of Puppies and Head Trainer Meer, highly recommended. Standard Achieved!

luke shepherd

My dog Lexi was disobedient and had no household manners. But now with Master Of Puppies training she is well behaved and sits and plays cards with me every Friday night ha ha. Highly recommended, great training and very professional and experienced trainers.

sharon ryan

Excellent trainer, very passionate about dogs. Do you and your best friend a favour and check Master Of Puppies out. You won't be disappointed . Love Master Of Puppies dog training. Yeah!

Toni Paton

What an awesome professional trainer/dog handler and a Master in patience. My Staffies loved the training and I love their new found respect. I recommend Master Of Puppies and their training method to everyone.

bryce lightbody

Our Tibetan Mastiff, Freya, was extremely difficult to train. As with most of her breed, she is very protective and independent. Since she was a puppy we tried three different dog trainers but she was still very aggressive. She would lunge at people while out walking and had to be physically restrained if visitors came to our house.
After the first two training sessions with Master Of Puppies she became much more controlled and relaxed around strangers. By the end of the initial four sessions she walks perfectly, calmly lays down when we have groups of visitors at home and is generally much more responsive to our commands.

kirk foster

Master of Puppies... Say no more.
Their trainers are so incredibly passionate about all dogs, big and small. This shows in spades when you go to one of their classes and see how patient they are, how much they understands what your dog is thinking and how he/ she will interpret your commands.
Even after my first session my four month old hyper active German Shepherd was already taking on what he had been taught. He is now eight months old and very obedient.
I look forward to doing more Advance training with Master of Puppies and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a true professional dog training method.

virginia vallee

Master Of Puppies was a blessing, our little guy Bear was terrible we couldn't walk him without having him pulling us all the way, he would not listen to basic commands. He has now become such a delight and we owe it all to Will at Master Of Puppies.

jo pert

After just four weeks it is amazing to see the transformation in our boy Loki. The training is so simple yet effective. When we first bought Loki home we quickly realised that unless his aggression issues improved, due to how many children there are within our immediate friend group, we may have to return him. Well, we are delighted to report that following Master Of Pupppies caring and effective training, we will be signing his adoptive papers this week! Thank you for giving us the tools we needed to let our boy shine for the beautiful and affectionate character that he really is!


Master Of Puppies, just wanted to let you know Molly and I had an awesome morning yesterday. First a women got out of her car and came over and said she just wanted to let me know that she had been watching Molly and I train over the last few weeks. She wanted to let me know how considerate and well behaved Molly has become. Also Molly was doing some training in the Drop position at distance at the local park when 3 dogs approached her. Molly just stayed in the drop position until I told her to break her position. Thank you so much she is a changed dog.