Master of puppies

Welcome to Master Of Puppies. A modern unique form of dog training that will teach lifetime skills to you and your canine.

Master Of Puppies is based on training methods from The Alpha Canine Group, which consists of core training principals. This training method can assist you to achieve an obedient and well-mannered canine, enabling them to handle everyday 'real life' situations. The foundations taught involve a fun and positive experience, for both you and your dog.

Master Of Puppies trainers have vast experience in the industry, having worked as professional MWD Military Working Dog handlers/trainers/instructors and have been trained by some of the worlds Leading Dog Trainers, including Bart Bellon and his NePoPo© method and Owner and Head Trainer of The Alpha Canine Group, Greg Fontana .

MOP trainers experiences have not only helped to develop our skills,  they have enhanced our passion. This brought us to start our own, unique dog training business allowing us to do what we love on a daily basis. We personally practice these techniques on our own personal/demo dogs, who attend and helps demonstrate at each training session.